Travel products?

To save money, you should stop buying so much stuff, right?


In some cases, however, a quality product purchase can end up saving you money (and giving you a better quality of travel life) in the long run. And let’s face it, we live in a world of stuff. Unless we go completely off the grid we can’t avoid it altogether.

Here are some of the products I use and highly recommend. Some are geared specifically towards travelers with vaginas, and some are beneficial for all of us.

Without further ado…

Menstrual cup. Seriously, once you get the hang of this there is no going back to other wasteful and toxic period products. I personally use and LOVE the Lena Cup. I suggest getting both the large and small size to see which works best for you during different periods of your menstruation. Pun intended 😉

An excellent quality, well-fitting backpack. I use and love my Deuter pack. Check out your local REI or sporting goods store to get expert help for an excellent fit.


A Comfortable Money Belt. Keep your stuff safe from pickpockets. You think it can’t happen to you, but you are wrong, my friend.

Lady Comp (and condoms). Be natural, and be safe. Enough said.

Kindle. Save space in your bag and carry an unlimited amount of books with you wherever you are. And if you feel like you need to hold a real book once in awhile, just check out the book exchange at your hostel lobby.

Earplugs and Eye Mask. Flying on a plane? Staying in a hostel? These basic essentials will save your life.


Packing Cubes. Organize all your other travel products inside your awesome, well-fitting backpack. Trust me, these are the absolute best when trying to keep your stuff organized on long trips.

Tissues and Hand Sanitizer. You just never know where you’re going to have to pee.


Digestion meds. Not a sexy travel product at all but you can thank me later.

Rubber Door Stopper. If you are alone in a hostel room and want a little more protection from the outside world, a door stopper will help deter creeps. A little goes a long way.
P.S. If someone is trying to get into your room, contact the local authorities with the help of your embassy and find a new hostel. Worry about reimbursement later.



Have you used these travel products?

Have better options?

Shoot me a message to let me know about them.

Happy travels, my friends. ❤