i am outside
the gates
the others inside
don’t see me.
i am outside.

a little boy walks up beside me.
hold my hand
he seems to say
with hand outstretched
he says words in a language
i do not understand.
but my spirit

a woman on my left
she has come from the east
she has come from afar.
she nods in my direction
and she takes my other hand.

others join us
long journeys
painful journeys
have brought them
to this place
to the outside
of the gates.

i have never heard
reach my ears
reach my mind
and my mind does not understand
but i understand, again
in my spirit
these words.

then the multitudes
holding hands
walk toward the gate
the gate is open
we all enter the gates
we are inside
there is no longer a door
there is no more door
on the hinges.

we are welcome.

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