things people say

things that people say, have said, and may potentially say again:

“you are from eastern europe?”
“are you german?”
“you are from sweden, are you not?”
“wow! your english! so good! and let me guess…you are polish?”
-random assortment of people (no one has assumed “american” yet. or at least they haven’t told me if they have.)

“I have only been to canada. I don’t like america.  they have, you know, bad privacy.  bad government.  I don’t like the people.  I really just hate the american people actually.” -guy from germany talking to a jewish girl on an airplane

“you have balls bigger than me; you have balls bigger than many men.  i am serious.” -serbian guy to me, amsterdam

“**question I didn’t understand in dutch**?
“I’m sorry, is english okay?” -me, fresh off the bus, running on two hours of airplane sleep
“would you like plastic bag?” -check out clerk at a grocery mart
“si, gracias.” -me, not speaking english

“why did you come to ______?” -everyone
“because I’m traveling and it seemed nice.” -me
“but why??” -everyone

“you should ________ while you’re young”
-a majority of the people I meet have some kind of “you should” advice for me.

“would you like to see a picture of my cat?” -me to my new acquaintances


One thought on “things people say

  1. Amanda-Grandma and I are enjoying your posts and admire your courage to travel. We especially liked the comments from people thinking you are from Sweden—you are 1/4 Swedish after all! We love you and want you to know you are always welcome at our homes any time! Love, Nana and Grandma Bev 🙂

    Date: Thu, 18 Dec 2014 19:22:31 0000 To:


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